Tamiflu(oseltamivir phosphate) in USA

Oseltamivir: A Treatment Option for the Flu in the USA

Oseltamivir, popularly known by the brand name Tamiflu is a prescription antiviral medicine that is significant in treating influenza within the United States. This essay articulates a more profound understanding of the uses, efficacy, and critical considerations before usage of Oseltamivir in the US healthcare system.



Oseltamivir primary usage is the treatment of influenza A and B infections. Oseltamivir if taken within the first 48 hours of developing flu symptoms, it significantly reduces the intensity of illness and its course . Symptoms of flu such as fever, cough, body pains and tiredness can be shortened by a day . With the FDA approving its use in treating the infection in a two weeks old infant, it can be considered a broad-spectrum option.


The use of oseltamivir in prevention is another indication. It is especially useful for high-risk people; it can be pregnant women, young children, people with comorbid conditions, etc.

Also, it can be used for prophylaxis; this happens in case if a person was in contact with another individual who has influenza . Nevertheless, according to the CDC, the drug is indicated for its use in prevention only in the “high-risk” population; thus, the recommendation does not extend to all people.

Physician recommended Medicine:

Oseltamivir is just accessible with a specialist’s remedy and can’t be bought over the counter. Prior to starting treatment, you should talk with a medical care expert. This guarantees that the medication is fitting for your interesting ailment and forestalls any issues with different drugs you might take.

Not a Vaccine Replacement:

It’s memorable critical that Oseltamivir is definitely not a substitute for the yearly influenza immunization. Immunization stays the best technique for forestalling flu disease. The CDC suggests yearly influenza immunization for everybody a half year old enough and more established

Potential Side Effects:

Oseltamivir can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headaches, difficulty sleeping, and other side effects that are generally accepted. In uncommon cases, it might bring about additional extreme neurological or conduct aftereffects. Prior to starting treatment, you ought to talk about any likely incidental effects with your PCP.

Availability and Access:

Oseltamivir is broadly accessible all through the USA in two essential structures: a powder for suspension and capsules. Drug stores apportion it after introducing a legitimate solution from an authorized medical services supplier.

The decision:

Oseltamivir is a successful device for controlling flu in the US medical care framework. However, its efficacy is contingent on the appropriate medical guidance and prompt treatment start. Keep in mind that getting vaccinated against the flu every year is still the best way to stay away from it. Assuming you are encountering influenza side effects, see your PCP to check whether Oseltamivir prescription is suitable for you.

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